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Artikel “Wajib Baca” buat para Dosen dan Mahasiswa Indonesia

paspor muhsin budionoThis article is not written by myself. It is a translation of an article titled “Paspor”, written by Rhenald Kasali, first published in the newspaper “Jawa Pos” on 8th of August 2011. Rhenald Kasali is an Indonesian academic and business practitioner and a professor (Guru Besar) of Management Science at the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia (UI). Hopefully this article could inspire myself and other people to open their eyes and see more of the world!

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Whenever I am lecturing, I always start by asking my students, how many of them have already owned a passport. Not surprisingly, only around 5% of them would raise their hand. However, when asked whether they have flown on a plane before, many more students would say yes. Almost 90% of my students have seen a cloud from the top, yet, most of our young people are only local traveler.

Therefore, instead of giving written assignments and papers like other lecturers, in my classes I begin by asking my students to complete the required paperwork and get a passport. Every student must have this ticket to the globalised world.

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Road to International Islamic Followership Trainer

June 18th, 2023
5.7 years to go.

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